Your Biggest Disadvantage: Use It To Consulting Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck for consulting should reflect your expertise and experience. If you’re unsure of where to begin Here are three steps to help you start. Take the time to learn more about the companies you could prefer to work for prior to you present your pitch. These include Deloitte and RRB Advisors. Each of them have very different needs , and can all benefit from a pitch consultation board.


If you are in the process of developing a new product or business plan, you can count on an UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist. This freelancer must be proficient, have a proven experience, consulting pitch deck and be a good team player. The freelancer must also have experience pitching to investors, VCs and small VC fund managers, as well as angel investors outside of the VC market. The UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist will collaborate with you to craft the perfect pitch for your business idea.


A pitch deck for consulting firms must be backed by data. This is the initial step in creating a pitchdeck. Without evidence an argument is nothing more than gibberish. Use statistics, hypothetical data and other visuals to prove your claims. Titles of your slides and your entire deck should be simple and easy to read, as they communicate your message in the most concise time possible. Here are some tips for making a compelling pitch deck.

A good pitch deck for consulting should be able to engage the audience. The PowerPoint presentation should not be too long or consulting pitch deck template boring if the audience isn’t interested in the specifics of the consulting services. The presentation should end with high-value content. Include a logo of the company on every slide to build brand recognition. Below is an example of a consultant pitch deck.

When you are creating a pitch for consulting deck, it is important to concentrate on how you can create relationships with your clients. Deloitte consultants are of various kinds, so it’s crucial to design a pitch deck that reflects the three types. Deloitte insists on the importance and benefits of having strong customer service and business development expertise. These attributes won’t help you stand out in the crowd If your pitch deck does not concentrate on them.

Deloitte’s consulting pitch deck

This PowerPoint template for the Deloitte consulting pitch deck has excellent slides and a green and grey four-scenario matrix. It demonstrates how the slides should be structured and prepared. It must be consistent in its design with a slim margin around each slide, and consistent spacing between paragraphs. When creating a consulting pitch deck, there are several things to be aware of.

When you are preparing your pitch deck, the most important thing to remember is to make it data-driven. Without evidence, arguments are just a bunch of gibberish. While you can make use of statistical data, hypothetical data or case studies, the main purpose is to prove your argument with evidence. Visualize it with charts, diagrams, and tables. The titles are the primary takeaways from each slide. Your titles should convey the most important message within the shortest possible time.

You can utilize these slides to make your own engaging presentation. Both McKinsey & Deloitte use storytelling to engage their audience. The custom illustration reduces the necessity of writing. You can also make use of the template created by McKinsey and Company. The McKinsey example blends rich content with fine aesthetics. You can use data-rich charts and beautiful photos to make your presentation stand out.

The client is exposed to a variety of risks. One of them was that they underestimated the value of the project. They were not aware of the advantages of a quote. Deloitte did not even mention ongoing COVID-related work done with TSA. If Deloitte was to be awarded the contract, it would have to be very selective , and the final decision would depend on whether the client wants them to hire them.

RRB Advisors’ consulting pitch deck

In this corporate financial advisory firm’s consulting pitch deck, we examine RRB Advisors’ unique approach to provide custom and insightful financial analysis. Our financial analysts have worked with Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, as well as financial institutions across industries. Our clients benefit from a blend of financial analysis and consulting. Here are the highlights of RRB Advisors’ consulting pitch deck:

Deloitte’s consulting slide deck

The Deloitte consulting pitch deck is a great example of how to structure a pitch. It features a four-scenario-matrix (green-and-grey) and slides that show the expertise of the firm. While most consulting firms have their own designers and developers However, some prefer having the designer or developer handle it themselves. The deck is a popular tool used in all consulting situations and pitch deck specialist should be formatted in a consistent way.

A consulting pitch deck isn’t traditionally presented in the way that it is usually viewed by investors. The partners will guide the client through the important slides and summarize their analysis and suggestions. Consulting presentations require an extensive amount of analysis and planning. It should be clear, understandable, and sensible.

In order to create an impressive pitch deck it is important to understand the distinctions between the types of consultants employed by Deloitte. There are some key characteristics that set each consultant apart from the rest. The Deloitte consulting pitch deck utilizes storytelling to show how their services will help clients. The graphics of the company include icons, infographics, and different shades of green.

To convey your message clearly to make your point clear, the Pyramid Principle should be utilized when developing your presentation’s content. The pyramid principle is a method to convey information by presenting the principal idea first before moving into details. The pyramid principle requires that the title is read first, followed by the executive summary. This means that you won’t have to spend time or effort. An appendix can be described as a section which provides additional details.